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Part I -Resale Realities: Selling in Today’s Market

 July 2016

When it comes to downsizing and decluttering your homes, there are several options for disposing of the items you no longer need or want. You have the choice to donate, sell, toss, gift or recycle items.

In most cases, how or why we make the decision to use one or all of these decluttering methods depends on three things; 1. How much time you have 2. Your personal preferences and, 3. The value of your goods in today’s market.  When you are considering a sale, it helps to understand the realities of the resale market.  In other words, you should take some time to understand what has value and what does not, as well learn about the various outlets and options available to sellers.  

One of the easiest ways to get a handle on the resale market is to contact a Caring Transitions® professional BEFORE you make any decisions to sell, donate or throw away items.  More and more Americans are downsizing due to an aging population and changes in the economy. This means a resale market is being flooded with used goods. Items that were once considered highly collectible simple do not hold the same value or interest that they once did. The high end resale market may still support specialty collectors, but most of those “stay in their lanes” where they specialize in buying and selling specific items or deal with a global audience.  The average homeowner who believes they can still sell their “Precious Moments,” Beanie Babies or Hummel figurines for a lot of money are increasingly disappointed to find that, like baseball cards, china patterns and Holiday Barbies, their collectibles simply aren’t worth what they once were.   The same goes for dining room sets, china cabinets and formal buffets, which are often difficult to sell. The younger generation maintains a more casual lifestyle and are just not as interested in investing in the same types of formal furnishings as their parents and grandparents once were.

It is important to evaluate the value and volume of what is in your home before deciding on where and how to sell, so we encourage you to “ask the experts” before you start discarding items. This will help you avoid giving away the most precious items and keeping the unsaleable items in error.  With nearly 200 offices nationwide, Caring Transitions® has a pulse on the resale market like no other organization. We can provide a variety of options to help you “clear out the clutter” while optimizing the sentimental or financial value of your personal property. Caring Transitions® operates its own Online Auction site, CT Online Auctions, and also operates the nation’s only national network of professional estate sale providers.

Contact your Caring Transitions® office today to find the right solution for your household today!

Part I -Resale Realities: Selling in Today’s Market

By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

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